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Buying Your Moissanite Jewellery Online?

Buying Your Moissanite Jewellery Online?

Buying Your Moissanite Online?

Queue confusion here…… Where to buy, who to buy from, what brand to go with, what design looks best, what size stone should you pick, how long will it take etc. etc. etc. 

If you and your partner somehow managed to narrow done all of that, and find that moissanite stone that looks stunning online, and has an exquisite sparkle, you are ready to order.  You are sure that this is THE one. So you place your online order, and wait, and wait and wait. Finally it arrives and you seat yourself at the kitchen table to reveal your surprise.

YES! YES!……no, no, no. Was this what you ordered online? This one certainly isn’t as sparkly as the one you saw, and the colour may be not what you expected. It may even feel light and flimsy, and the attention to detail you can see really isn't like the picture. This one is a strike out and we will need to pack it up and ship it back.

That was my personal experience when I ordered online, boy did I wish there was a location where I could see my ring close up and in person. My local jewellery stores didn’t have much options for me to view, and what they did have really didn’t blow me away.


Stage enter..... Moissy Fine Jewellery

At Moissy Fine Jewellery, I wanted to create a platform that allowed customers to see Moissanite in all its beauty! I knew it would be a risk interrupting the traditional diamond engagement market, but I knew there were new brides and old brides that would love Moissanite as much as I did. I knew that many others had faced the frustration that I did, and any good business solves a problem right?!

Not only does Moissy Fine Jewellery offer a beautiful modern showroom to view over 5 different brands of moissanite and 100 models, we also do virtual appointments. So before you make that online purchase you can live view your purchase to make sure its exactly what you want! And because we carry so many finished pieces, we can deliver your piece to you sooner.


Insert Applause here!....

Online and In Store Moissanite jewellery shopping just became a seamless, stress-free and fun experience. So shop around the website and when you have found the perfect one, we will help you to view all the details first before your purchase. That way the final reveal that you have been waiting for, will be the one you were expecting. Amazing right?!

Remember if you have questions about Moissanite, you can always contact our knowledgeable staff in store or by email for help! We are always online to assist with your inquires.


Love and Happiness





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