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Custom Orders & Production


Come In and Customize

Moissy Fine Jewellery prides ourselves in providing high quality, unique and trending styles, but sometimes you just need to change a few things here and there to make it perfect just for you.  

Going custom may be the choice for you. It is seamless and easy and our designers will work closely with you to create your masterpiece

In just a few easy steps create the piece you have always dreamed of.

How does it work?

Step 1_ Inquiry

Simply email an outline of your preferences with descriptions of what you are looking to create. Feel free to include pictures the more detail the better.

Step 2_ Follow Up

A Moissy Fine Jewellery Designer representative will contact you gather any more information we may need about about your specific design.

Step 3_ Quote & Payment

Once we know we have your design just right  A quote will be provided. It will include all the details of your custom design. If everything is to your satisfaction a representative will help you make your 50% deposit to get the project on its way.

Step 4_ Design and Production

Sit tight while we create a CAD or Quick Render design with the details of your creation, drawings can take sometime to be just perfect so be patient and we should be ready for production in 1- 2 weeks

Once we have your go ahead we will go into production. Your remaining balance will be required to begin.  Remember this is your special piece created through Moissy Fine Jewellery and quality is our priority. Our custom order process should have your beautiful new piece in your hands in about 4-6weeks.

Step 5_ Shipment

All done, Come and sit will our trained designer and go over the specs of your ring to make sure it’s just right. If you are unable to see us in person our designers will to the inspection for you to make sure everything is just right.  We can now organize your delivery and your piece is ready for its forever home!

See simple! Start your custom piece today



When you are satisfied with your quotation a 50% deposit is required to begin production. Order cancellations are permitted within 24 hours. Remember this item is being created just for you, we cannot offer refunds on deposits after this time, as we start the process right away to produce your piece in a timely manner.
We will create design,  and go directly into production once your CAD is approved. Payment of the remaining balance will be due at this time.
Quality takes time please allow 3-4 weeks to complete your creation. We always work as quickly as possible to get your item to you sooner

Custom Designs are described as original designs not offer through our website or in store. *Note we cannot produce items that are protected by patents and/or copyrights. Custom Designs will require CAD or Quick Renders for customer approval.
Design modifications are described as simple, modest changes made to existing designs from our website or  in store inventory, that does not required a CAD or Quick Render. Design modification orders require full payment to process and begin production


4-6 Weeks
Custom Orders & Production


3-5 Weeks
Custom Orders & Production


2-3 Business Days
Custom Orders & Production
*shipping requires additional time

At Moissy Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves in creating beautiful high quality jewellery pieces. Perfection takes time. Production times may vary due to holidays and peak seasons, we do our best to deliver your pieces as quickly as we can.