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About Moissy Fine Jewellery

MOISSY FINE JEWELLERY is a trendsetting Moissanite Fine Jewellery Store, bringing to our customers the only store of its kind, that showcases Moissanite in all its infinite beauty.  Offering first-rate products, new trending styles and exceptional customer service to shoppers from around the world.  We are a business made up of entrepreneurs, innovators and creative designers, creating stunning pieces of jewellery to create your life long memories. Pass these pieces down from generation to generation, and never loose its brilliance and fire.

Open In The Beautiful Toronto Area

At Moissy Fine Jewellery, it’s our goal to bring you the largest selection of top quality Moissanite products on the market. We’re always here to help our customers, providing a wealth of knowledge about our pieces.
We want each shopper to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience with our innovative Upscale and One of a Kind Jewellery Store. 
At Moissy we offer only premium grade Moissanite. All of our Moissanite are inspected for precision Cutting, Colourless grading, and VVS Clarity.  For many years Moissy has worked with cutters and manufacturers to provide our customer the best Moissanite option available on the market. Low quality Moissanite can be found online, but our Premium LUX Moissanite is exclusively offered at our Moissy Fine Jewellery Showrooms.

 Our Mission

Moissy Fine Jewellery specializes in Moissanite gemstones for lovers
of everything beautiful. Our mission is to bring to consumers a non conflict, environmentally conscious, 
ethical choice of brilliant gemstone, at an affordable cost. Never compromising
beauty or quality. We will offer an exceptional level of customer service and
personalized recommendations tailored to the individual customer. We exist to
attract and maintain customers through our unique combination of designs,
quality, customer service and fashion sense

Company Values



We will always go above and beyond to ensure our customers feel that they have a piece of jewellery tailored just for them. We want our customers to feel proud of making an ethical choice that exudes quality every time they wear our pieces.


We strive to create with passion and accommodate the customers wants and needs, all while offering them high quality selection



 We pride ourselves in showing our customers the feeling of love while we create their lifelong memory.  Our ‘always smiling’ appearance, upbeat atmosphere and our love for our work is contagious to our customers. Bringing them back to Moissy Fine Jewellery time and time again.