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Why Moissanite?

Why Moissanite?

Why Moissanite?

Why Not?! Moissanite is making its way onto the hands of millions of beautiful ladies and gents around the world!


Why Moissanite you ask? Well where do we start......

  1. It is not a diamond substitute, it is its own gem and occurs very rarely but naturally within the earth

  2. They have different grades of moissanite you are sure to find a colour that best suits you for a colourless to near colourless appearance that mimics a diamond.

  3. They are very high up on Mohs scale for hardness. Moissanites have a score of 9.25 which makes it as durable as a diamond. So suitable for every day wear.

  4. They are more brilliant and fiery than a  diamond. If you take a look side by side, moissanite will emit more colourful flashes of light than an excellent cut diamond because it has a great dispersion.

The most important benefit of a moissanite is that it is extremely cost effective. For example, a nice quality 2 or 3 carat diamond can cost you tens of thousands. A moissanite 2-3 carat equivalent will be in the $1500-$2000 range depending on the quality of the stone. For those that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a ring, moissanite makes a great choice because you can set the stone in one our custom Moissy Fine Jewellery setting


Moissanite FAQ:

Q: Do moissanites look different from a diamond?

A: Each person will answer this differently. Very few can detect a difference, even a trained eye may make a mistake, we believe most people will believe it is the same gemstone


Q: What clarity are moissanites?

A: Moissanites are cut to be flawless, so you will not find inclusions in these gemstones.


Q: Are moissanites man made?

A: True moissanites are naturally occurring in the earth and not lab created. However because they are so rare, they are now being produced in labs using the same silicon-carbide composition


Q:Should I buy a moissanite over a diamond

A. Well that really depends on what your hearts desire is. If you want more brilliance and fire, flawless cut, and colourless stone, I say MOISSANITE . If you want use your money wisely and purchase for a fraction of the cost of diamond, then I say MOISSANITE, if you desire a piece that will stand the test of time and that can be passed down from generation to generation , I think the answer is clear  MOISSANITE!


Happy Shopping

Moissy Fine Jewellery Team