Worried About the Longevity and Durability of Moissanite? DON'T BE!

    Most of you are probably picking up new hobbies with COVID-19 restrictions still in place. Some of you might be whipping up a new recipe,
    staying active with swimming (we love Arizona!) or even remodeling your home.
    Some of you might just be left with extra cleaning while your kids are learning virtually.



    With all of these new hands-on activities you might be wondering if your moissanite gemstone will live to see the end. Well, the short answer is...YES!


    Moissanite gemstones flaunt a 9.25 on the MOHS scale of hardness, and just as durable as a diamond. This means that you can do all of your day to day activities including those new hobbies you picked up during the pandemic, and then some.

    If you purchase a LUX Moissanite ™ gemstone, or a moissanite gemstone from our brand partners, Charles & Colvard & Harro Gem, each purchase comes with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, that your gemstone will never to CLOUD, CHANGE COLOUR, CHIP or CRACK! So enjoy your moissanite ring the way it was intended. EVERYDAY!

    No need to remove your rings for all your busy activities, but do keep in mind your pieces are fine jewelry and we want you to treat them with care. So remove your jewellery during heavy lifting or high impact activities to avoid damaging or bending your ring.

    Cooking, cleaning, and swimming won't leave a scratch or alter the color and vibrance of your beautiful moissanite gemstone. Show off your moissanite gemstone during every part of your day!


    Don't forget to grab our formulated gemstone cleaner, to get off the extra debris, and HAND SANITIZER and restore that sparkle that you love!



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