About Our Jewellery

    About Our Jewellery

    At Moissy Fine Jewellery we take the utmost pride in presenting each client with a quality piece of jewellery.  Each piece is made to order, and created with care one piece at a time.  Our showroom inventory pieces are crafted with the same care, and attention to detail and can be purchased directly from our showrooms. At our home office in Toronto Ontario, we have a team of experienced artisans, jewellery craftspeople, and CAD artists that make what we do everyday possible. Using their skills and expertise to create the beautiful pieces we show you everyday.  We provide our clients a retail environment but not cookie cutter retail jewellery.  We are always working to create new designs, keep in the loop with latest trends, and increase our vast selection of styles we offer to our clients.

    Gold and Platinum Jewellery

    At Moissy we work with 14K, 18K , Platinum metals for all our jewellery pieces. We offer White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold , Millennial Gold™ and Platinum


    14 Karat ~ White, Yellow, Rose

    14 karat gold is made up of 58.3% gold and a 41.7% mixture of other metals such as copper, zinc, silver and nickel. It’s usually less expensive than the gold of higher karats and is more resistant to bends and folds due to the higher percentage of harder, alloyed metals.  

    14K Rose Gold "Laura" Model

    18 Karat ~ White, Yellow, Rose, Millennial Gold™

    18 karat gold is made up of 75% gold and a 25% mixture of other metals such as silver and copper. 18 karat gold is highly suitable for making moissanite jewellery. 18 karat gold is our most popular gold for making wedding rings.


    18K Yellow Gold "Asia" Model


    Platinum is a naturally occurring white metal. It is rarer than gold, and much heavier and harder.

    Platinum can be used in a purer form than gold. at about 95%. Platinum jewellery is consequently more expensive than gold jewellery.


    Platinum "Brooklyn" Model

    Millennial Gold™

    Millennial Gold™ is a proprietary 18K gold mixture offered Exclusively at Moissy Fine Jewellery.  Millennial Gold™ is a warmed hued tone that looks stunning on all skin tones. If Yellow golds are too strong, and Rose gold too pink, choose Millennial Gold™ a gold tone that gently sits between Yellow and Rose Gold metals

    Pictured Top to Bottom :

    18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Millennial Gold™,18K Rose Gold


    Rhodium Plating





    Q. What is "White Gold"?

    Pure 24kt gold is always yellow. There is no such thing as gold that is white.

    Jewelry is rarely made from pure 24kt gold because it's rather soft. Engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry are usually made from an alloy of gold plus other metals. For example:

    - 18kt gold is 75% and remaining other metals
    - 14kt gold is 58.3% gold and remaining other metals

    A gold ring will be mixed with other metals and then will receive a plating of rhodium to create the bright white colour of white gold.  This is a temporary plating that will wear away over time and allow the yellow hue of the natural gold colour to peep through.

    You may want to consider Platinum metal for your jewellery pieces. Platinum metal is a naturally white metal, that does not take on a yellow hue once the rhodium plating has worn away. Rather platinum will have a brushed silver look after some wear. Platinum is a more dense metal, and also a more expensive metal choice, but will alleviate the need for frequent rhodium maintenance.

    Q. What is "Rhodium"?

    Rhodium is a very precious metal and is generally not considered a feasible material to make jewelry from, because it is stressed & brittle, and very difficult to "work" properly for jewelry making. Rhodium is fabulous for plating jewelry because it is glitteringly, dazzlingly, and white. It's like chrome, but much whiter, and one of the most reflective of metals. Rhodium is only a plating and therefore it will wear off eventually and require re-plating.


    Q. My ring has a yellow tinge, is it real gold?

    A. Yes,  real gold will have a natural yellow tinge, unplated white gold can never offer the flashy glint of rhodium plating because it's a metal which is about half yellow gold, and for most people it is not white enough for their taste in this age of "bling".

    Yes, your gold will last decades and never tarnish or turn your finger green, but rhodium plating will be needed throughout the lifetime of your piece.


    Q. How long will rhodium plating last?

    First, it depends on whether the item is a ring (rings suffer a great deal of wear), or a pin, brooch, or earrings that receive far less contact. It depends on whether you wear the ring constantly and what it is exposed to. It can also depend on the "body chemistry", sweat and contact with skin. Rhodium plating can last 3-12 months, but with engagement rings worn everyday, and used while handling solutions and chemicals you can expect to re-rhodium your ring as often as every 6 months, if the slight change in colour bothers you. 

    Q. Do we offer rhodium plating services?

    Yes! We offer rhodium services. Complimentary warranty does not cover rhodium plating services. Service cost range between $90 per ring. We recommend bringing your ring to your nearest Moissy store, or sending it in, to avoid any mishaps with other jewellers that may cause damage to your piece. Workmanship by jewellers outside of our approved bench-men voids your warranty.



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